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Global Realtime Surveillance Scheme

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Global Realtime Surveillance Scheme

aisinz's Global Realtime Surveillance Scheme is an independent, third-party endorsement and verification of an organization’s products and premises’ safety and hygiene efforts. Unlike other marks, aisinz is a realtime and global Surveillance Scheme that industrial players pursue to ensure the products consumers consume and the environment that consumers visit is continuously being monitored and complied with stringent standards. Through this independent endorsement and verification, the organization’s products and premises could be the consumers’ Trusted Choice. Global Realtime Surveillance Scheme is free and voluntary. Begin to send your products to be tested at any partner IEC/ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratories worldwide. The surveillance information is manifested in three dimensions: RELIABILITY, RECENCY, and FREQUENCY on the realtime laboratory test results and trends.

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Confidence is at consumers’ fingertips

You can place aisinz's mark on the packaging, at the point of sales, and at the point of interest to show consumers the realtime products or premises surveillance information. The mark blended with a secured QR code can provide product surveillance information in realtime and be scanned by any mobile device. The information can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. It creates consumers’ confidence, in turn, to be their Trusted Choice.


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Benefits of being aisinz’s trusted choice

Benchmark against the best practices

  • The scheme draws upon best practices advocated by international organizations, including the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Instills consumer confidence

  • The aisinz’s trusted choice represents an endorsement and verification by an independent international body. Consumers are assured that your products and premises’ safety and hygiene efforts go beyond ESG reports to demonstrate efforts in realtime.

Be distinctive by quality through Trusted Choice

  • Being part of the scheme, the organization can differentiate the quality of products and premises from rivals. The brand reputation could dictate a superior marketing strategy.

Align your products with business value

  • The scheme verified your products’ safety and premises hygiene to ensure its sustainably for the benefit of all stakeholders as aligning with business value.

Be a quality assurance pioneer

  • By being a realtime surveillance pioneer, you are on par with those required to be a leader in the scheme. Act immediately when testing results show deviation from the usual trend, triggering the quality assurance protocol early.

Instant consumer affinity and loyalty

  • QR code produces realtime information that propagates based on surveillance status: RELIABILITY, RECENCY, and FREQUENCY meet the consumers’ needs as they require information to be accurate, agile, secure, and simple.

Global 1st “Trusted Choice” on realtime surveillance

aisinz's Unlike many product certification marks available in the market, aisinz's trusted choice is a revolutionary scheme that ensures products quality and premises safety and hygiene are continuous efforts, where consumer and organization do not have asymmetry information on surveillance. We have compared aisinz's trusted choice with other certification marks:

HV Mark SR’s Trusted Mark aisinz's Trusted Choice
Certification fees Yes Yes Free
Scope Food eStore Any products have a distinctive SKU
Testing required Yes No Yes
Testing frequency One time or annually No Continuous monthly
Surveillance information Unavailable for consumers Unavailable for consumers Available and accessible for consumers via QR code
Realtime No No Yes, algorithm to calculate reliability, recency, and frequency
Credential Secured hologram sticker (Sell per piece) E-Certificate E-Mark Secured QR code (Free to print)

We magnify your surveillance information to be consumers’ trusted choice

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Magnifies self-surveillance information to become the trusted choice

One of the ways to ensure quality and safety is via scheduled laboratory testing and assessment. The surveillance can assure consumers that the product has the quality and premises are safe and hygienic. Usually, the products’ surveillance information is not publicly accessible. Nonetheless, the scheme could monetize and capitalize on the products’ surveillance information by allowing consumers access, in turn, to convert products or premises into consumers’ Trusted Choice.

Two-tier verification

Standard Tier

  • All global realtime surveillance scheme begins at the Standard Tier, and this requires a demonstratable commitment, including submitting product samples for monthly surveillance testing or arranging premises for monthly surveillance assessment by IEC/ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The surveillance scheme is ongoing basis with a minimum of 12 months.
  • Open to: Food manufacturers, OEM brand owners, Feed producers, Fertilizer producers, Food chain outlets, Restaurants, Central kitchens, Vending machine operators, and any other manufacturer for environmental assessment but not limited to air, noise, and wastewater monitoring.

Advanced Tier

  • Open for application to global self-surveillance scheme with the minimum one-off to submit 12 samples per product in different batch numbers to be tested by IEC/ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. A fast-track application, bypassing the monthly testing requirements stated in the Standard tier.
  • Open to: Food manufacturers, OEM brand owners, Feed producers, Fertilizer producers, Vending machine operators, and any manufacturers that could provide 12 samples in different batch numbers. The advanced tier is not suitable for environmental assessment but is not limited to air, noise, and wastewater monitoring.

Get Certified

Organizations become verified as Trusted Choice via Realtime Global Surveillance Scheme for their commitment to products and premises’ safety and hygiene efforts. By providing at least 12 samples per product for IEC/ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for testing.

  • 1. Online submission at www.aisinz.com .
  • 2. Review, propose, and accept the testing or assessment requirements. It may vary by the nature of products and premises subject to regulations and standards.
  • 3. The applicant sent in monthly 1 or one-off 12 samples per product in different batch numbers to test at the IEC/ISO accredited laboratory.
  • 4. Alternatively, the applicant arranges monthly assessments by the IEC/ISO accredited laboratory.
  • 5. Issue and accept the testing results. Surveillance performance will begin on the sixth tested results in realtime*.
  • 6. Improve the surveillance performance by continuously sending monthly 1 sample per product for testing or assessment.

* The aisinz’s realtime global surveillance scheme’s algorithm recommends that at least all performance on “Reliability”, “Recency”, and “Frequency” be above one-third. Nevertheless, the commitment to improving surveillance performance is essential and shall be deemed continuous.

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  • The application fees are free of charge, However, the applicant is subject to the testing or assessment fees quoted by the IEC/ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

  • Yes, you can, If samples are not submitted after the stipulated timeline, the “surveillance performance” will deteriorate and become obsolete as data is inadequate and out of date.

  • The different industry has its standard to comply with, and they vary between products across all the countries.

    Example 1: Malaysia’s food products can be tested against the Malaysia Food Regulations 1985 required parameters. So, aisinz’s mark can be used on product packaging.

    Example 2: In Indonesia’s agriculture industry, fertilizer’s macronutrient and micronutrient can affect the quality of the plants. Thus by performing laboratory testing, the quality of the fertilizer can be constantly monitored. And aisinz’s mark can be used on product packaging.

    Example 3: Wastewater discharged in China is tested according to the Department of Environment’s required parameters. The aisinz’s mark can be displayed at the treatment plant, wastewater discharge point, or entrance of the treatment facility for authority to scan and check the quality of wastewater.

    Example 4: Environmental hygiene monitoring for hotels, restaurants, and food outlets in Singapore could perform the surface swab and air monitoring, then affix the aisinz’s mark at your premises to show the realtime cleanliness, hygiene, and safety of the premises to the consumers.

  • Reliability performance will be impacted, the organization shall immediately take the corrective action for rectification and resend a new sample for testing.

  • Recency performance will be impacted, however, it will be improved once a new sample has been received and tested.

  • Frequency performance will be improved if more samples have been sent for testing in the same month.

  • No, the aisinz’s QR code is fixed for a specific product, and it will not change and impact the product packaging. No reprinting is needed.

  • The aisinz’s mark is suitable for any business size, from micro SME to MNC, so long the organization believes continuous surveillance could increase client confidence on the product they consume or premises they used to visit.

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